Problems With Tight Blood Sugar Level Control Among Diabetic Older Adults

Diabetes is common among old people particularly 65 years and older. It is a crisis for many doctors to come up with the best treatment to manage diabetes in elderly people who usually have various medical conditions.

When I read the news on the Internet after dinner, I found a new study that said the majority of medical professionals who use a one-size-fits-all method to treat elderly people with diabetes actually cause more harm than good. Tight diabetes control doesn’t appear to benefit the senior patients. It just make them more vulnerable to hypoglycemia.

Older persons, particularly those with complex medical problems, may derive less benefit from intensive strategies to lower glucose levels and are more susceptible to hypoglycemia and its consequences compared with younger, healthier persons.

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Testosterone Boosts Colon Cancer Risk

Based on an earlier scientific theory, estrogen can offer protection against pancreas, stomach and colon cancer by not allowing tumors to grow. In other words, the cancer susceptibility is more towards men than women.

The researchers of the University of Missouri think otherwise. They discover that colon cancer is due to testosterone.

Mind you that there are no human subjects in this experiment. James Amos-Landgraf, an assistant professor of veterinary pathobiology in the MU College of Veterinary Medicine removed testosterone from those rats. He discovered that the colon cancer rates went down significantly. When the rats were given testosterone again, the colon cancer rates were similar to the earlier ones.

This observation suggests that testosterone may play an important role development of tumor in the colon. Men are more vulnerable to colon cancer than women is not because of the protective effects of the female hormones.

Furthermore, Amos-Landgraf points out that the risk of colon cancer is higher in post-menopausal women because of their levels of testosterone are higher than estrogen levels in their bodies.

If you’re taking testosterone supplements or shots, you should reconsider.


Walking For Fitness

If you compare between Crossfit and walking, obviously the former gets more attention. Walking may never be a favorite activity. And it will never come as close as Ironman races. However, many fitness professionals believe that walking is a lot better than any kind of workouts.
Walking For Fitness
Many people don’t really exercise as it requires a lot of effort. Walking is easier as it is something you can do everyday.

Do you sit most of the times the whole day? You tend to believe that one hour of workout can counter the 10 hours of sedentary activity. Then you are wrong.

Based on a study by the University of Texas School of Public Health, marathoners train 6.5 hours per week on average. The interesting part is that their daily sitting duration is between 8 and 10.75 hours.

Punishing yourself at the gym for hours is not the only way to make you fit. If you are sitting a lot, then do some walking as it can reverse the effects of lengthened sitting especially the affected arteries in the legs.

You can start walking 3 miles per hour. Increase to 4 miles per hour for more challenging walk.

A recent walking guideline proposes 10,000 steps a day. If it is too much for you, forget it. A minimum of 150 minutes of activity every week is highly recommended.

Walking can be great but it does not give your body everything it needs. For example, for bone strengthening, running is better. If you want more strength, choose weight training.

Your body needs movement just like it needs nutrients every day. There is nothing better than walking at this moment.

Metabolic Diseases Can Be Prevented By High Intake Of Dairy Goods

Is it possible that upping your dairy intake can lower your susceptibility to metabolic diseases such as obesity and type 2 diabetes?

We know that dairy is important in our diet. Every day, you need at least 2 portions of milk products.

It is a fact that milk can strengthen our bones. But that is not all it does.

Dairy Products

The researchers from CHU de Québec Research Center and Laval University studied the dairy-eating habits of healthy French-Canadians’ and monitored the impact of dairy intake on their general metabolic health.

To measure the dairy intake, trans-palmitoleic acid was employed as the biomarker. What they have found was there was an association between this fatty acid and reduced hypertension and decreased weight loss.

According to past research, there are some health boosting benefits that are found in trans-palmitoleic acid.  We are in luck as this fatty acid is found naturally in cheese, butter, milk and yogurts. Our body cannot provide trans-palmitoleic acid as it does not have the ability to produce it.

Bright Prospect Of Vitamin D In Treating High Blood Pressure

Hypertension or high blood pressure can lead to heart disease and stroke. You can control your blood pressure levels by maintaining a healthy weight, avoiding potential stressors, exercising regularly, and reducing the consumption of salt. When it is necessary, doctors will treat hypertension with medications such as beta blockers or ACE inhibitors. However, a new study suggests that vitamin D may be a potential solution. Continue reading