Metabolic Diseases Can Be Prevented By High Intake Of Dairy Goods

Is it possible that upping your dairy intake can lower your susceptibility to metabolic diseases such as obesity and type 2 diabetes?

We know that dairy is important in our diet. Every day, you need at least 2 portions of milk products.

It is a fact that milk can strengthen our bones. But that is not all it does.

Dairy Products

The researchers from CHU de Québec Research Center and Laval University studied the dairy-eating habits of healthy French-Canadians’ and monitored the impact of dairy intake on their general metabolic health.

To measure the dairy intake, trans-palmitoleic acid was employed as the biomarker. What they have found was there was an association between this fatty acid and reduced hypertension and decreased weight loss.

According to past research, there are some health boosting benefits that are found in trans-palmitoleic acid.  We are in luck as this fatty acid is found naturally in cheese, butter, milk and yogurts. Our body cannot provide trans-palmitoleic acid as it does not have the ability to produce it.

Bright Prospect Of Vitamin D In Treating High Blood Pressure

Hypertension or high blood pressure can lead to heart disease and stroke. You can control your blood pressure levels by maintaining a healthy weight, avoiding potential stressors, exercising regularly, and reducing the consumption of salt. When it is necessary, doctors will treat hypertension with medications such as beta blockers or ACE inhibitors. However, a new study suggests that vitamin D may be a potential solution. Continue reading